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Life in Pasadena, Texas

Big City Opportunity, Small Town Values

Every community wants to grow employment opportunities, retail and shopping destinations and diverse educational and cultural resources to enrich their residents’ experience. But how to do that and not outgrow the core values that made the community successful? That is a more difficult balance to achieve…but one Pasadena has skillfully mastered.

Part of this unique ability lies in its fortunate geographical placement. Boasting a population of 155,000, Pasadena is right next door to the fourth-largest city in America and has long been called “home” by many of those who work in the metro Houston area. It’s easy to see why they made that choice. Within its nearly 45-square mile boundary, Pasadena offers those who come here an impressive choice of housing at all levels of affordability, some of the lowest property tax rates of cities in the region and comparably-sized cities across the state, a variety of retail outlets that routinely lead the region in sales volume, schools and colleges on the cutting edge of today’s business training needs, an assortment of recreational pastimes to please just about every interest…and the list goes on.

But it has managed to offer all these benefits and still not lose the small town, even agrarian, roots that shaped the character of its early settlers. Roots in the early cattle ranches that dotted the landscape, in the farming families that first coalesced into the small town that Pasadena became. And later, after the Spindletop oil strike that transformed the region, roots in the petroleum refinery and petrochemical industry that made many plastics Americans first used in the 1940s and 1950s.

The character of Pasadena is reflected in the work ethic of a community that has invented, and reinvented, itself over and over again as progress demanded it. You can see it in the Strawberry Festival, a community celebration of the historic importance of this crop in helping Pasadena recover from the devastating Great Storm of 1900; it routinely draws over 50,000 festival goers. It is clearly on display in the new Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School, a state-of-the-art facility preparing Pasadena’s students for careers as diverse as robotics, maritime employment, finance, criminal justice and other in-demand jobs. It’s alive and well in the city’s Volunteer Pasadena services, drawing from a pool of civic-minded participants larger than many cities several times our size. And Pasadena’s respected Fire Department has long held the distinction of being the largest single-community volunteer fire department in the US.

Taken together, the conclusion is unmistakable. Pasadena has taken its great natural advantages of geography, strong population growth and drive to succeed economically and carved out a place where time-honored principles of hard work and family values are still practiced.

New opportunities and old-fashioned values. You can have them both in Pasadena.

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