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Water bottling plant to be economic boon for Houston 'burb

Feb 10, 2016, 6:00am CST

[Crystal Geyser Pasadena plant]

Construction of the Crystal Geyser water bottling plant being built at the intersection of Leesa Lane and Genoa Red Bluff Road in Pasadena, Texas. The plant should generate almost $42 million a year for the Houston suburb.

A California water company picked a Houston suburb for a multimillion-dollar bottling plant, and a new study reveals how much money that decision will bring to the local community.

California-based CG Roxane LLC, the owner and manufacturer of bottled Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, is developing a 260,000-square-footwater bottling facility in Pasadena, Texas. The plant is poised to generate $41.9 million in annual economic impact for Pasadena, according to a study conducted by Houston-based CenterPoint Energy. In terms of development costs, the company is spending $60 million for the 20-acre project.

The plant will be located at the intersection of Leesa Lane and Genoa Red Bluff Road.

CG Roxane purchased the land from the city of Pasadena in January 2015 for an undisclosed price, and the first phase of the facility is poised to deliver in May. The project broke ground in summer 2015, said Paul Davis, director of the economic development for the city of Pasadena.

The project will be completed over the course of five to seven years in two phases, with each phase comprising of 130,000 square feet of development, according to a CG Roxane release. The plant should create around 36 jobs, according to the CenterPoint report, and create 128 jobs indirectly. Information on the plant's general contractor, architect or brokerage wasn't immediately available.

Crystal Geyser operates eight plants throughout the U.S., according to the company release, and the company explored several other cities within Texas before settling on Pasadena. The location was chosen for of its proximity to the Houston market, skilled workforce, high-water quality and pro-business government, according to a statement.

Another industrial project should generate fiscal activity in Pasadena. California-based Plastics Express agreed to leasenearly 400,000 square feet in phase II of Port 225 in Pasadena. Phase II should be complete in the second quarter and is now 65 percent preleased.

Cara Smith
Houston Business Journal

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